We are old school. We are new school. We are geeks, nerds, collectors, fans. We are young, old, trendsetters, creators, makers, doers, players. We are Creativity.

We are a everyone. We are cosplayers, gamers, designers, film makers, collectors, LARPers. We are anime fans, sci fi junkies, film goers, dungeon explorers. We are a Community.

You already know us. We are you, your friends, your fans. We don’t tell you what to like or what to play, we play and discover with you. We help you find new things to engage in. We are Family.

We are Kaiju Labs Media. We create the best shows you won’t want to miss with the best crew around. And we want you to join us on our voyage of bringing geek kick assness to the masses. Join the Kaiju Labs Media Legion.

Watch. Comment. Share. Repeat. Spread the work across the world.

There will be no stopping us. We are already here.

Stay Tuned as we build out the more about us section!